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Our professional recording studio offers a wide range of music production services.
You can find a selection of our previous work under References.
Producer and composer Alexander Khromov and his team are here to help you with every step of your creative process.

Beat Production

get the sound you want!

Get a modern, catchy and professional hip-hop, pop or electro beat tailored to your needs. Simply enter a reference and be there as your sound is created exactly according to your ideas.

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Für Film und Hörspiel

Film and radio play projects require customised music that optimally supports the mood and character of each production. From atmospheric soundscapes to tense orchestral arrangements - we create the perfect soundtrack for your project.

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Unleash Your Creativity

A good arrangement gives the production depth and emotionality and is decisive for the sound impression, sometimes more decisive than the mix. We help you to optimally enhance your pre-production without losing your core idea. We rely on our experience in instrumentation, the use of effects and dynamics as well as the instrumentation itself.

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true instruments

to acheive a natural sound

Alexander Khromov and his team have years of studio experience and are ready to bring your songs to life with real instruments. The studio offers a wide range of instruments to choose from, including guitars, bass, drums, piano, strings, brass and more. Our musicians are well versed in a variety of genres and will bring your project to life with skill and precision.

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Capture the Moment

Professional recordings by qualified enginneers!


anywhere your music goes

We give your recording the sound you want. Our mix – individually tailored to your ideas and wishes.

At References you will find a selection of our previous work.


unleash your sonic potential

The final touch for your song! In the last step of the production chain, we take care of the perfect sound and format of your music. Whether for streaming, social media, videos or CDs, vinyl – we make sure that your sound sounds perfect everywhere.

At References you will find a selection of our previous work.

Live Sessions

live sessions

one take!

Take advantage of a live performance directly in our recording studio. Spontaneous interaction, liveliness and feeling recorded on the fly by us. We offer the opportunity to capture your music in a unique live atmosphere with sound and vision.

live recording

  • 48qm liveroom
  • 32qm rehearsal room
  • 24 channel audio-connection to production suite
  • Red Komodo 6K Cine Kamera
  • tripod, gimbal, handheld-set
  • filmlight, softboxes

Studio Rental

select a room!

Production Suite #1

Production Suite #2

Live Room

Rehearsal Room

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