Renovation at Recording Studio

The Sonic Boom Studios – Recording Studio Berlin has given itself a new upgrade in the last week! In the entrance area of our rehearsal room and recording room.

Painting and priming the floor:

Our goal was to emphasize and support the industrial character of the studio basement area and the building. For this, only parts of the entryway were repainted, while the studio hallway floor was treated with acrylic deep primer to provide a higher level of sealing and thus better protection from moisture. The wall areas that were not painted were also sealed with Tiefgrund to prevent dust from coming loose.

The floor of the Berlin recording studio is being sealed with deep primer.

Floor sealing in the Berlin recording studio

Chabby-chic lamps:

In order to highlight the logo of the recording studio, the idea was born to make our own lamps in chabby chic style. These lamps should support the industrial character of the entrance area and at the same time create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. For this purpose, scaffolding planks were sanded in the in-house studio workshop and finished with linseed oil varnish. Two LED tubes per scaffold plank were used as illuminants, which were provided with a full CTO color correction foil from Lee Filters (204) for an extra warm color temperature.

Gerüstbohlen in der Werkstatt des Tonstudio Berlin mit CTO folierten LED Röhren

DIY chabby-chic lamps during the making


By making the lamps in the entrance area ourselves, we as Sonic Boom Studios also want to demonstrate our DIY talent and creativity. The implementation should be quick and yet the effect of the lighting was important to us. We were able to design the lamps exactly according to our own wishes and create a unique atmosphere.

Industrial lighting:

The lighting in the entrance area of the recording studio supports the industrial chic and contributes to a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. By using LED tubes and a color correction film from Lee Filters (204), a warm and pleasant color temperature was achieved that perfectly matches the industrial character of the studio.


Overall, Sonic Boom Studios in Berlin has emphasized its industrial character with the new upgrade of the entrance area, while creating a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. The DIY production of the lamps shows the creative potential of the team and the importance of implementing their own ideas


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Photo of the finished entrance area to the rehearsal room and recording room of the recording studio Berlin in the basement
finished result of our entrance area in the basement to the rehearsal room and recording room in the recording studio Berlin